Things to do in Knysna – the Knysna Heads

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View from West Knysna Heads

One of the most striking natural phenomena in the Plett, Knysna and Noetzie regions is without question the beauty of ‘The Heads’ (or the Knysna Heads to be exact). Renting accommodation in Knysna on the Heads is the icing on the cake!


All photos of The Heads are the courtesy of The Featherbed Company which operate the boat trips & cruises on the Lagoon

Featherbed Company trips to Knysna Heads

Knysna West Heads View point - with The Featherbed Company

A “must-stop” along the Knysna coastline for locals and tourists alike is the Knysna Heads; two graceful yet formidable cliffs, standing proud at the edge of the ocean, guarding the entrance to the warm water estuary (the stunning Knysna lagoon). ‘Map Stones’ are also geological formations near the heads, dotting the coast towards the expansive ocean. The two heads offer two distinct experiences:

    1. If you’re after spectacular panoramic views of Leisure Isle, Knysna and the lagoon that stretches beneath, then the Eastern Head is for you! It’s equipped with a lookout which makes for a glorious day trip during a holiday vacation – something one won’t forget!


    1. If your taste runs more towards a leisurely trip on the waters of the Knysna Lagoon, then the Western Head may be more your style. A ferry departs 4-hourly from the Knysna waterfront and takes passengers to the Western Head where you will disembark into the un-equalled beauty and tranquility of the Knysna Featherbed Nature Reserve.


Of course there’s nothing stopping you from sampling the best of both: there are many boat trips that offer a journey on the water between the Knysna Heads, whilst you sip chilled champagne and down a fresh Oyster or two!

But the experience doesn’t have to end there. More perfect still, is a luxurious property situated right at the Knysna Heads.

At Cliff House, as the name suggests, you’re literally at the cliffs, watching the waves break beneath you!

Cliff House at the Knysna Heads offers a complete luxury getaway experience with plush furnishings and uninterrupted sea views from every room. This space is designed for complete relaxation and rejuvenation!Cliff House - Accommodation on Knysna Heads

Another Knysna Heads luxury holiday rental (which incidentally debuts next week!) is Villa Seaview. More about that, next time so do stay tuned!