We believe in win/win every time

Our property clients can relax in the knowledge that their holiday homes are in very safe hands.

We consider our comprehensive management services to be the best that money can buy – and the majority of our clients also make use of our specialized short-let rentals service, which enables them to generate significant income from their usually dormant asset.

We personally manage our portfolio of properties so that our rental guests (and owners) arrive for relaxing, hassle-free breaks completely unencumbered by the normal worries & tasks associated with holiday home ownership and use.

Now that’s win /win!

Personal Profile:

Richard Davies

After training as property surveyor in the UK, Richard developed his commercial skills in the field of FMCG. He spent more than 20 years in a variety of sales, marketing and managerial roles with several blue chip companies (including the Mars Corporation, Quaker Oats and Rank Hovis McDougall), running very profitable business units and directing large teams of personnel. He was involved in the project management of several £multi-million capital investment programmes and developed systems and processes to complement their success.

Richard Davies of Dav1es Villa Rentals and Property Management

Richard’s career took him all over the world but he eventually returned to the UK where he set up his own property renovations company. He moved to South Africa early in 2007 and has chosen Knysna as his home and operational base.

“I believe there is a need in this area for a property management company that is totally committed to delivering on its promises – and, most importantly, can be seen to be delivering”, says Richard.

“Owners who spend long periods away from their homes must be confident that the company they’ve entrusted with the upkeep of one of their most valuable assets demonstrates the highest level of knowledge, skills and professionalism. This is what we can offer in abundance.”