Health of a sea view – stay near the sea!

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Sea living

Ever wondered if a sea view is really good for you? Does it make a difference? Can it aid in longevity?

Now, thanks to a study carried out in the UK, researchers say that the closer people live to the sea, the healthier they tend to be.

Staying in a holiday home by the sea has health benefits

Studies suggest that:

1. The sound of the sea waves alters wave patterns in the brain inducing feelings of well-being
2. The sea has a calming influence on people, helping to reduce stress and anxiety
3. Living near the sea adds an incentive to get people out and about
4. Those that stay within 5km of the coast rate their health higher than those who stay inland
5. Sea air contains healthy charged negative ions that help us to absorb oxygen (which is why a holiday stay leaves you feeling relaxed and yet energised too!)

And if that’s not enough, staying near the sea and swimming in the salty waters adds even more benefit to health. Researchers have shown that sea water can increase the elasticity of the skin, and improve its outer appearance. Sea water contains potassium chloride which is believed to be effective at treating and healing Psoriasis, Eczema and damaged skin.

So next time you stay at the coast or retreat for a mini getaway, keep in mind all the glorious benefits, which will have you returning after your holiday healthier than before you left the city…

Two properties that provide the numerous benefits of sea views are Noetzie Bay House and Sea House. The first is perched high above the golden sands of Noetzie beach just 10k from Knysna town centre. Noetzie Bay House is a nature lover’s dream and provides absolutely breath-taking views of the majestic seascape.

Noetzie Bay House looks over the ocean

Then there’s Sea House in Knysna – as the name suggests, this abode is perfectly positioned in a prime location high above the spectacular Knysna Heads. Sea House offers stunning views and unrivalled luxury for guests who demand sophisticated contemporary design and décor. The swimming pool deserves a noteworthy mention for it’s spectacular infinity pool, bringing the ocean that much closer for the duration of your holiday stay.

Sea House in Knysna - prime villa on The Heads

Coming attractions: The aptly named Villa Seaview at the The Heads in Knysna debuts on 1st November, definitely worth noting in your diary. Tidescape, located in Leisure Isle Knysna, opens mid Jan 2015, and promises to be the height of breathtaking beauty and luxury living. Make sure to diaries those dates!