Holiday hacks – 10 tips that you need to know

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Do you love holiday hacks? Do you dream of getting your luggage off first at the baggage claim? Need to know the quickest way to find free Wi-fi when traveling abroad? The following 10 holiday hacks will amaze you & leave you asking: Why didn’t I think of that? (Don’t forget to share this holiday hacks list with friends, they’ll love you for it)…

These holiday hacks will help make your holiday stress-free

Holiday hacks can save you valuable time and money and make your holiday hassle-free

Using a range of holiday hacks can save you valuable time & improve your holiday!

#1: When looking for flights online, use private browsing. This is located in the file menu, then select ‘New private window’. This means browser history (and cookies) is disabled. If you don’t use private browsing to look for flights, some airlines may have increased prices that pop up due to the fact you have searched for the flights before. Who knew holiday hacks could be so sneaky?

#2: Need free Wi-fi while on holiday? Many people post the Wi-fi passwords for local coffee shops and places abroad online – when they comment on FourSquare. Visit the site and start looking for these free ‘pots of gold’.

#3: No list of holiday hacks would be complete without a tip for your cellphone. If you have an iPhone, or smartphone with GPS, turn it into a free sat-nav abroad. This means free local maps and route planning without any data expense (the maps are stored offline in your phone). The free app, called Navmii  also comes with free millage tracking for your trip and more. South Africa is one of the 85 countries now compatible with this handy app.

#4: Traveling with kids? Of all the holiday hacks, this one doubles as a clever safety measure too. Dress children in bright colours to keep track of them in the airport & while on vacation. Some parents also take a quick phone picture of each child each day. This serves as a quick photo ID to save time if a child is lost. It’s much quicker to show a photo to a bystander than to give a lengthy description.

#5: Hate in-flight turbulence? As far as holiday hacks go, this one’s pretty quirky. Some frequent flyers advise jiggling around in your seat during the disturbance. Apparently it helps to counter-act the motion of the plane. (Hey, it’s worth a try, right?)

#6: When approaching any line (be it for airport security or at a hot dog vendor on the beach) always stand in the left hand side queue. Research suggests that most people tend to gravitate to the right.

#7: Mark your suitcases as fragile. Rumour has it that bags marked as ‘fragile’ get stored on top and therefore end up coming out first on the baggage carousel. Also, when traveling in a large group, mark everyone’s bags as fragile. This is likely to ensure that all the bags in your travel party will stay together on the carousel too.

#8: Pack your Nickel–metal hydride batteries (used for most digital cameras) in the fridge of your hotel or villa. This can boost the life span by 90%. Alkaline batteries (used in most appliances) can have a life-boost of 5% when kept cool in the same manner.

#9: Is sunburn the worst part of your holiday? Take Aloe vera gel and freeze it into ice cubes. Next time you return from the beach with a nasty case of sunburn, simply pop out a few blocks for instant relief.

#10: Our last holiday hack is a real “Ah-ha” revelation. Luxury villas can cost far less than fancy hotels and offer better holiday perks. For example, a luxury rental villa in Sicily is around 720 pounds per week, as apposed to 2,200 pounds for a hotel stay of the same standard. Similar price differences are often the case in other countries too. Research your options well – look out for villa specials and off-peak season rates. In South Africa there are many advantages of private holiday rentals – read about them here.

Compared to large, sterile hotels, luxury villas can create a personal feel and a better standard of living.

Compared to large, sterile hotels, luxury villas (like Villa Seaview pictured above) can create a personal feel and a better standard of living.

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Villa Seaview is the perfect property for whale-watching perched atop the Eastern head of the famous Knysna Heads.
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