Whale watching in Knysna – keep a look out

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For a life-changing moment that you’re likely to never forget, head down to Knysna – something is waiting for you below the surface of the ocean. From May until December, the majestic Humpback whale graces the coast of Knysna to frolic in the bay. Bryde’s whales and dolphins are also commonly spotted all year round. Read 5 fabulous facts below about whale watching in Knysna – an exclusive and richly African pastime.

 Whale watching in Knysna: spot Humpback whales (May to December) and Bryde's whales (all year round).

Whale watching in Knysna: spot Humpback whales (May to December) and Bryde’s whales (all year round).

Whale watching in Knysna – 5 interesting facts

1. Each year, certain species of whale migrate to the ocean waters of the Western Cape. This is for a specific reason, and a very important one; It’s  to calve and nurse their young which makes for really special whale watching in Knysna!

2. The whale watching route covers 1,200 plus miles of ocean. Whale watching in Knysna makes for prime sightseeing in a protected area of the garden route, the Knysna heads or the Tsitsikamma National Park.

3. Over 37 species of whales and dolphins can be found off the shore of South Africa. A good vantage point is key when whale watching in Knysna (have a look at the rental property below). If you have an elevated spot, you’re likely to see the Humpback whale or the Bryde’s whale – known species of the area in July-November and May-December, respectively. There has also been a rare sighting of Orca whales in Knysna.

4. There are many hot-spots for whale watching in Knysna. Brenton-on-Sea and the Knysna Heads each offer great lookout points.

5. Whales exhibit specific behaviour when it comes to communicating. If you’re lucky enough to witness ‘breaching’

It’s an amazing sight that will remain in your memory forever. Whales leap out of the water in an arching back flip and fall back on their sides or back, with huge crash. This is believed to be a way of communication and/or exercise. Whales are able to breach between 3 and 8 times per session.

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