Self-Catering Accommodation: South African Braai Recipes

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One hasn’t quite lived until one has sampled succulent meat from Southern Africa. The South African ‘braai’ is legendary. Cooking food on the braai outside is a favourite pastime for many South Africans. It’s known as a ‘barbecue’ in other parts of the world, but the general premise is the same.

Braai meals can be a welcome choice when staying in self-catering accommodation. Furthermore, braai cooking can be great for holiday meals because it doesn’t require much clean up and offers a great opportunity for social dining outdoors and getting everyone to chip in.

Self-Catering Accommodation presents the perfect opportunity to cook South African meals on a braai

Self-catering accommodation South African braai tips

Mouth-watering South African cuisine – simple and so tasty!

Here’s a great braai recipe to try:

Succulent Karoo Lamb Cutlets with Blue Cheese, Baby Potatoes and Roast Vegetables

Lamb cutlets (“chops”). Don’t buy lean cutlets, rather cut the fat off afterwards to keep the flavour.
Worcestershire sauce (South African sauce available at most grocery stores)
Coarse black pepper
Coarsely ground coriander
Salt to taste

Sprinkle salt, black pepper and coriander sparsely over the ‘chops’.  Add a few drops of Worcestershire sauce on each chop, spreading evenly. Repeat on the other side. Allow the meat to sit for an hour if you can (a good excuse for some chatting at the pool). Make sure the coals on the braai are very hot. This will allow the meat to be nice and brown on the outside while still juicy on the inside. If you prefer slow cooked meat, use less hot coals and cook slower. Turn the chops every so often, but watch them carefully to avoid extreme charring.

Sides and garnish:
Place peeled baby potato halves in tin foil along with garlic butter and herbs. Braai until golden.
For the roast vegetables – coat in olive oil and blitz on the braai for two minutes right before serving.
Add a few slices of blue cheese to garnish and you’re ready to open the wine.

South African meat cooked to perfection on a braai is hard to beat…

Great braai ideas for quick and delicious holiday meals:

1. Braai ‘Mielies’ (corn on the cob)
Tear off the outermost husk leaves (leave some on for protection). Place the corn on the braai grid. Turn every 10 minutes until a few corn kernels start blackening. Alternatively, wrap the corn cob in tin foil with a scoop of butter and herbs. Place the foil parcels on the braai. Turn every so often and remove after 20 minutes.

2. Cheese and Tomato Braai-broodjies (grilled sandwiches)
This is an old South African favourite passed down through the generations. Prepare your grilled sandwich as usual using white bread, tomato and layers of cheese (mature cheddar or gouda works best). Add salt and pepper, then place directly on the braai and turn sporadically until the bread is nicely toasted and the cheese is gooey.

3. Big Breakfast Braai
This is a fabulous choice for a Sunday morning. Take an oven-proof tray and rub generously with olive oil and herbs. Place your sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions on the tray. Simply transfer the tray to the braai and cook as one would on the stove. Turn the items in the tray every so often. This is a sure winner for the family.

4. Seafood Braai
Try lobster, crayfish, muscles and/or prawns. Fish is also a great choice as the smokey taste of the braai perforates the fish perfectly. Snoek (basted with apricot jam) is a firm South African favourite. Yellowtail is superb when stuffed with chopped onion, herbs, spring onions, ground fennel seeds and lemon juice. Wrap the fish in 6 sheets of newspaper, secured well with string. Place the bundle under running water until properly soaked. Gently squeeze off excess water and place the wet parcel on the braai for 25min (turning after 10 minutes).

Self-catering accommodation South African braai tips and recipes luxury rentals

A traditional South African braai can offer a versatile holiday cooking method

PS. Don’t forget those braai leftovers! They are delicious when served cold with potato salad or coleslaw. Leftovers can also make perfect sandwich fillers for beach picnics or informal poolside lunches. For inspiration, we’ve found some fabulous braai recipes for you to follow. If you need help learning how to start the perfect braai fire, no problem – have a look at this visual braai guide.

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Self-catering accommodation South African braai tips luxury rental Knysna

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Where can I find out more about Beachscape?
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