Garden Route peak season is close – Come now to beat the rush

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The Garden Route peak season generally runs from December through to the end of February to coincide with school holidays and Christmas, making this stretch of coastline extremely busy during those two Summer months (especially in Plettenberg Bay). If you are not bound by these dates, beat the influx of tourists and hike in prices by holidaying just before the rush in November or March. Read on, for some of the advantages of low-season travel along the Garden Route…

Holidaying just before the Garden Route peak season can lead to a holiday with less stress and more value for your money.

Holidaying just before the Garden Route peak season can lead to a holiday with less stress and more value for your money.

Advantages of holidaying just before (or after) the Garden Route peak season

An intimate experience

Nobody wants to wait in long lines at local markets or jostle for best position on crowded sightseeing trips. The Garden Route peak season translates to a large amount of holiday makers – many with the same ideas you have – to visit the best spots, dine at the popular restaurants and frequent the main beaches. Taking a holiday in November (or after the high season in March) can help you to avoid these issues and lead to a much more comfortable holiday. Locals may also be less stressed in low season, and this can lead to a more personal interaction when visiting stalls and shops. Also, local flair may be a little more authentic leading to a more intimate experience. (By the way, if you need a help planning your itinerary, take a look at this handy travel app).

Savings and special rates

Many travel companies lower their rates and/or offer discounts to travelers during low season. Many holiday makers worry about poor weather in low season, but – thanks to the moderate climate along the Garden Route in South Africa – even low season has some great holiday weather! (Read these packing tips if you need to know what items to pack for Plett weather). Many private self-catering rentals offer rate discounts and specials before the Garden Route peak season. Private holiday rentals give you the best of both worlds: the isolated privacy without losing the sights and the luxury. Let’s face it – the true essence of a holiday is the ability to relax, and what could be more relaxing than walking along a private beach, or lounging at your private pool? These are the measures of true luxury, and with the advantageous exchange rate, what are you waiting for?

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