Upmarket private property rental – 10 perks & advantages

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More and more holiday makers are choosing to spend their holidays in a ‘home away from home’ – without forfeiting any of the luxury benefits. Whilst many head to large hotels and busy guest houses, a private property rental can be a much better option for some. This is due to certain unique advantages and perks that a private property may offer.

Here’s why a private property rental may be the better option for a vacation:

A private property rental comes with many advantages that hotels, lodges and guest houses don't always offer.

A private property rental has many advantages that hotels, lodges, and guest houses don’t always offer.

1. You have the whole house (and the swimming pool) all to yourself, without having to share facilities with any other holiday makers. This ensures complete privacy and comfort.

2. Access to a beach is often exclusive or some have only a few hundred meters walk, or less, from your private property!

3. Full kitchens are often a standard feature with large dining areas for comfortable living.

4. Entertainment amenities such as barbecue areas, courtyards, decks, fire pits, viewing balconies and game rooms often exist.

5. Multiple suites and bedrooms with impressive decor, varying views, furnishings and layout exist if you choose something luxury.

6. You can say goodbye to check-in lobbies or busy foyers in favour of a private welcome and knowing you may come and go as you please.

7. With private property rentals you can also say goodbye to rigid meal times and fixed menus by cooking with your own groceries, meal plans and recipes like our South African Braai/Barbeque recipe or our simple Crostini recipe for a poolside snack.

8. Most private houses are gated or fitted with security systems that you have full control over.

9. Additionally upmarket private property rentals are often managed by a property management company with a dedicated property manager to assist you before and during your stay. He/she can also advise on activities nearby and sights to see.

10. Finally, a private house is likely to leave you much more relaxed and refreshed as you have truly been able to do whatever you wish and whenever you wish during your entire stay.

Do you research though and find the place that suits you; have a look at our 5 rental tips when you’re looking for a holiday rental.

private property rentals make vacations truly unique as memories have that 'home away from home' feeling

We do not remember days; we remember moments. – Cesare Pavese

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