Family Holidays on the Garden Route – Knysna is the ‘go-to’ destination

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Knysna beaches are perfect for kids

Family holidays in Knysna, noetzie or Plettenberg Bay

When planning family holidays certain criteria have to be met so that the whole family can enjoy the time away.

Children have to be considered too, so it’s sometimes difficult to find that ‘perfect’ location where the requirements of every family member can be fulfilled. Yet, there is such a place… Knysna has it all, and we’re about to tell you why.

Family holidays in Knysna and Plettenberg BayPerfect family holidays should include the following 3 factors:

-Safe swimming. The Knysna Lagoon offers warm waters, that are compatible and child-friendly. There are no harsh currents, and the lagoon is much ‘flatter’ than the open sea, providing a safer swimming area and numerous ‘rock pools’ for the kids to investigate.

-Distance from the beach. This is a key factor, right moms and dads? Being too far from the beach while on your vacation can mean long car trips everyday. Knysna offers varied ‘leisure resort’ style accommodation and rentals close to the beach. One such Knysna Lagoonstretch of prime property is Leisure Isle. Properties in this region are surrounded by the warm waters of the Knysna lagoon and it’s sandy shores. This makes it particularly suitable for families as the proximity to the beach is a stones throw away. No more trekking with bags and beach toys for what seems like an eternity! (Have a look at TideScape below, a property located on this stretch of paradise).

-Comfort. A home away from home where the whole family feels comfortable and at ease. Look for a rental that accommodates the needs of your family perfectly. If a spectacular view and space is important to you, but a swimming pool is a non-negotiable for the kids, then TideScape is really worth considering for your vacation spot…

Looking for a unique holiday rental for the whole family?

Prime self-catering luxury accommodation at the coast during December and/or January in Knysna, Plett, or Noetzie is at your fingertips. Dav1es Villa Rentals has an impressive selection of top exclusive rentals for family holidays.


5‘Knysna is the perfect family holidays destination for both adults and children, it’s well suited to both the young and young at heart …’

Here’s a rental absolutely perfect for family holidays: TideScapeThis stunning beach-side villa is located on Leisure Isle in the middle of the Knysna lagoon, with access to the gorgeous waters and spectacular views of the Knysna Heads. In addition, it’s only a few steps from the safe and sandy Bollard Beach – just perfect for the kids. With plenty of space (4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms) it’s a great opportunity to have a break from the usual routine and each member of the family can have his or her own space. TideScape boasts stunning verandahs and entertainment areas making it the perfect place to entertain family and friends for the holiday. The family-sized swimming pool is also perfect for those lazy days in-between spent poolside.

Is the TideScape rental (above) in Knysna available for bookings?

Are you practical and waiting for the rush to die down, before taking a holiday in late January, early February? If so, then this property is for you! This luxury rental is currently free from the 24th of January (2015) into February (2015)*. The bookings are filling up fast though, as the position and amenities make this holiday rental a pure gem for families in particular. Make your booking here!

*Dates stated correct at time of publication of this article, but the property may have been booked for these dates in the interim. Please check the availability calendar here.