Standup Paddle Boarding on Knysna Lagoon; Exercise flavour of the moment

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Standup Paddle Boarding

Standup Paddle Boarding on Knysna Lagoon and in Plettenberg Bay is increasing in popularity.

Fit, bikini-clad women love it and it’s guaranteed to give you a six-pack guys – so why have we all not tried the new exercise religion, Standup Paddle Boarding (otherwise known as SUP) yet?! With an outstanding 500-800 calorie burnt per hour, this new trend of exercise has celebrities and gym bunnies rushing to the ocean waters, lakes, swimming pools and yes, more recently stand up paddle boarding on Knysna Lagoon is taking on quite a rush!

‘Why exercise indoors when you can experience all the beauty of the sea in Plettenberg Bay or on  Knysna lagoon?’

What you need to know:

Standup paddle boarding (SUP) started in Hawaii and has quickly exploded into mainstream consciousness.

Standup paddle boarding requires that you stand on the board and keep balance while manoeuvring the very tall paddle, thus ensuring every muscle in your body gets a great workout!

Kneeling on the board, then progressing to standing and finally balancing gives the lower body a wonderful workout. Using the paddles against the resistance of the water and changing to the other side of the board, gives the arms and the midriff/core a great toning experience.

SUP does not require that you surf the waves, a full workout can be obtained by paddling along calm, shallow waters in the sea, a lake, or simply using the board in the pool to balance and manoeuvre.

30 minutes of stand up paddling will give calves, quads, gluts and arms a workout, especially if the odd gust of wind makes the board unstable, using the water and wind resistance to strengthen your core! That’s why standup paddle boarding on Knysna Lagoon is the perfect environment for this sport.

Remember to swap paddling sides every two to three strokes to work your abdominals and back muscles, with even muscle resistance.

Many use the board in shallow waters to do Paddle board Yoga! A wonderful extra twist to an already unique routine. Try starting off slowly, meditating while on the knees and progressing as you get fitter and find your balance. (What an amazing way to do yoga, bobbing gently on the water…)

Standup paddle boarding on Knysna Lagoon can be booked through: Tony Cook Adventures, +27 (0)82 783-8392

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