South Africa, a prime vacation destination

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South Africa sits at the bottom point of the African continent. The ‘cradle of mankind’ rests on African soil – so it’s no surprise that the ancient roots of our species draw us to this magical and truly spiritual region. Every year, South Africa welcomes thousands of tourists to its well-known cities and beaches. Yet, it’s the lesser known destinations that perhaps truly encapsulate the raw beauty of the country. Small coastal towns along the Garden Route – such as Knysna and Noetzie – are breathtaking in their simplicity and unspoiled surroundings.

5 factors that make South Africa special

South Africa offers idyllic spots hidden away in Knysna, Noetzie and Plettenberg Bay

South Africa offers idyllic spots hidden away in Knysna, Noetzie and Plettenberg Bay

The Diverse Beauty

From tumbling cliffs to serene white sands, South Africa has a diverse landscape. At the coast, the unrefined beauty of Africa is heart-stopping where mountains meet the sea. Inland, the grasses, mountains and African vegetation make for unforgettable sightseeing and Safaris.

In the coastal town of Knysna, the Knysna Estuary, Lagoon, and Knysna Forest are well worth a visit to behold the ancient trees and dense forest landscape. Furthermore, the magnificent Knysna Heads – two dramatic sea cliffs that guard the entrance to the lagoon – cannot be missed! Accommodation in the quaint town of Knysna is particularly idyllic.

The Wildlife

The ‘Big 5’ are well-known attractions, but the Southern whales and dolphin pods at the coast are truly mesmerising to behold. Diverse African birds, lizards, Dassies (a rock mammal that looks like a large guinea-pig) and ‘Klip Springers’ (African antelope) are other animals you may encounter in South Africa.

In the region of Knysna the Knysna Loerie is a special bird of interest with a distinct call. Elephants in the Knysna Elephant park are also breathtakingly beautiful. In Plett, try searching for the elusive Pansy Shell on it’s shores while you keep a lookout for the whales frolicking in the bay.

The African Coast

Miles of unspoiled beaches and a temperate climate (in Knysna, Noetzie and Plett) make for a fabulous vacation. South Africa’s coast rivals many of the best beaches in the world.

If you’re looking for a beach hidden from the majority, try Noetzie beach. This gorgeous stretch of beach not only offers sublime sea and unspoiled sands, but also magnificent Noetzie Castles for exclusive rented vacation accommodation. Learn 5 interesting facts about the Noetzie Castles here.

The Affordability

With the current exchange rates from Europe, Asia and the Americas, the South African Rand is an advantageous currency for tourists. This makes a vacation to South Africa a fabulous opportunity to shop for local homeware, fashion, food, crafts, techno gadgets and more at a fraction of the price they would cost back home.

Food won’t hurt your pocket either. Dining out is a virtual trip around South Africa in itself, as the local cuisine is diverse and eclectic. From Cape Malay curries to Boerewors (a South African sausage) – there is something for every palate. The seafood is local and “lekker” (a South African Afrikaans word meaning “great!”).

The People

As much as the landscape, food, and wildlife of South Africa is diverse – so are the people of South Africa! Known as ‘The Rainbow Nation‘ South Africa is a melting pot of cultures. With 11 official languages, South Africa is inclusive of all who inhabit it. In total, 53 million people live in South Africa – with many different origins, cultures, languages, and religions.

South Africans are known for their friendly, relaxed approach. The people of South Africa alone, with their customs and diversity, make for an interesting tourist attraction.

South Africa offers pristine unspoiled beaches and breath-taking ocean vistas

South Africa is the most beautiful country I have been to… – Honor Blackman

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