Property to rent for a vacation – 5 factors to consider

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A dream vacation hinges not solely on the scenery, but on the right property. Finding the the most suitable property to rent that meets your holiday needs, is a key factor in any dream getaway. We’ve compiled a list of some of the things that holiday makers listed as notably ‘important’ when choosing a holiday rental.

Consider the following 5 factors when looking for a holiday property to rent

When looking for property to rent for a vacation, write down your key criteria and use a reputable website.

When looking for property to rent for a vacation, write down your key criteria and use a reputable website.

The Website

A recent Q & A found that many holiday makers wanting to find a property to rent turned to online searches – and more specifically – great websites. Find a website that is user-friendly and that shows plenty of clear photographs of the property you intend to rent. All amenities should be listed clearly as well as rates and an availability calendar. Property websites are largely an indication of the standard of the property – does the website look classy? What is the feel of the site? Does it look up-market?

The Location

Make sure to look at an exact location map (preferably provided on the website you are using to book your vacation villa). Make sure to research the surrounding area that you will be staying in to see what the area has to offer.

If one of your important holiday needs is access to the beach – how close is the beach to your holiday rental? Where are the nearest stores or markets? If it’s important to be near civilization, how far is the nearest town? Many holiday makers listed a sea view as a super-important factor. Do you require a breath-taking view from every room? (FYI, read this great article on the scientific health benefits of a sea view).

The Amenities

Holiday makers listed ‘cleanliness and outdoor entertaining areas’ as important factors when choosing a vacation rental. Before you look at a property to rent, sit down and list all the important characteristics of your holiday home (here is a great free online notepad). Should it have a great state-of-the-art kitchen for self-catering, or would a mini-fridge and microwave suffice? Does your vacation rental need to have a large swimming pool with an incredible view? Is outdoor entertaining a high priority? Do you require an outdoor barbecue area?

The Security

Many holiday makers rate security as important, but in the Q & A it was revealed that it’s the right amount of security that counts. As one individual put it: “We’d be looking for a well securable property but not a fortress. Some degree of privacy from immediate neighbours would be desirable, but having neighbours in and of itself would not be a problem.” Others indicated that they look for a property to rent that is far from prying eyes and is situated in a remote and beautiful setting. The level of privacy and security are two things you may wish to consider when choosing a vacation rental property.

The Property Manager

Many people highlighted the importance of having an adequate property manager to help deal with any glitches that may occur during their stay. When using a website for booking enquiries, is the site easy to use? Are there clear contact numbers and friendly staff to help you? Will the property manager (or staff) be able to give you prompt feedback and replies should you need assistance whilst on vacation?

These are all things to consider to make your stay hassle-free. A great property team that cares about you and your vacation experience can make all the difference.

A great property team that cares about you and your vacation experience can make all the difference when looking for property to rent.

Dear Richard, I would like to convey my thanks to you and Hadley for your attention to detail in renting the house to us… everything was in perfect order and so very welcoming. – Shirley Simpson and family.

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