For Plettenberg Bay weather, we recommend 10 key items to pack

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You’ll be happy to hear that packing for a South African holiday can be hassle-free. We’ve put together 10 items to get your packing off to a good start. These items are also great staple items for any coastal destination in South Africa. Given Plettenberg Bay has such a temperate climate, these items are perfect to have to hand as the weather often changes numerous times throughout the day.

10 sensible items to pack which suit Plettenberg Bay weather

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Plettenberg Bay has a temperate climate which makes holiday packing relatively easy!

Plettenberg Bay Weather in Summer

1. Swim wear
Bikinis, swimming shorts and one-pieces are all a great idea because the beaches of Plettenberg Bay are very casual and relaxed, however unlike their European counterparts, there are no nudist beaches in this part of the world. Water activity items such as basic snorkel, goggles, boards, flippers, and sand digging tools for the kids are readily available and inexpensive at the shops in Plettenberg Bay so probably best to leave those behind, unless you prefer to use your own.

2. Lightweight clothes
Cotton shorts, dresses, shirts, skirts and slacks provide cool relief in hot weather. Items that can be worn over swimwear are a must have. Sarongs are a great idea. Here are 17 creative ways to wear your beach wrap. Fabrics that dry fast are extremely versatile for pool and beach living.

3. Sunscreen
Even though Plettenberg Bay weather is very moderate, the sun can be harmful in excess no matter where you are in the world. It is always recommended to pack sunscreen. The CANSA organisation of South Africa recommends a sun protection factor (SPF) of 20 minimum and 50 maximum. Your sunscreen should also provide broad-spectrum protection against UVA & UVB in a ratio of 0.4/1. Apply at half hour intervals if you are sweating or swimming.

4. A jacket
A lightweight jacket or fleece is a great item for cooler evenings and early morning strolls on the beach. Although Plett does not get extremely cold, the wind off the sea in the early hours and evenings can leave you a little chilly. Make sure to take a light jacket when hiking and sightseeing as Plettenberg Bay Weather can change quickly. Lightweight is the key, so that it is easy to carry around and quickly put on, or take off as the weather warms or cools through the day.

5. Closed shoes
There is so much to see and do in Plettenberg Bay that comfort is king. While flip flops or thongs are suitable for the beach and strolling around town, they are not ideal for navigating slippery rocks on the coast or trekking through forests. A pair of lightweight, closed walking shoes are paramount! Slip ons or a shoe that doubles as a walking shoe for forest walks and hikes is an even better choice.

6. Casual wear
The locals of Plett are very casual on the whole. Jeans (denim) shorts over a bikini paired with a cardigan or tee would be perfect attire for a stroll around town. Summer shoestring strap dresses are very handy too. Men can easily get away with board shorts and T-shirts for day wear. Jeans are a great go-to item for casual evenings.

7. Formal wear
Only a few special items of formal wear are needed if you plan to go out for a fancy dinner, to a special show or to a wine estate. Smart-casual is the usual dress code at most South African restaurants. A pretty dress paired with a sparkly shawl will usually suffice for ladies. For men, a dress shirt and light weight cargo pants for example will make a great smart / casual outfit.

Plettenberg Bay Weather in Winter

8. Warmer layered clothes
For the period of April-October pack a thicker wool jersey if you can and a thin underneath vest for the Winter evenings and early mornings. Pack a tracksuit (sweats) or slightly heavier weight trousers because many houses in South Africa are open plan and not designed for cooler weather so some good socks and cosy wear, for evenings in, are highly recommended.

9. Pair of boots
A waterproof pair of hiking or walking boots are a great item to take for forest hikes or Winter walks on the beach, which can double up as very useful shoes for walking around town or for cooler Winter evenings out.

10. A coat
Pack a waterproof, wind-proof lightweight coat to wear when the winds and evening sea breezes are a little stronger, especially if you are on the coast.

There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather – John Ruskin

plettenberg bay weather holiday info packing tips clothes moderate climate summer winter self catering accommodation

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