Meet the Knysna Elephants

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Feeding the Knysna Elephants and other great things to do in Knysna

Knysna Elephants

Holiday time is here, December already!

It’s that time of year when parents and spouses wrack their brain for something ‘different’ to do this holiday season.

Knysna is right on our doorstep and home to one of the most majestic of the ‘Big 5’ – the Elephant.

The whole family can benefit from visiting the natural wonder of the Outshoorn and Knysna forests along the garden Route.

What a splendid idea for an end of year vacation!

We’re about to give you all the must know details about this once in a lifetime experience – to see these creatures in their natural habitat in the unspoilt beauty of Knysna…

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Knysna beachesFeeding the Knysna Elephants and other great things to do in KnysnaThe graceful giant of the Knysna forests

Did you know that the Knysna Elephants are the only elephants in South Africa not to be confined by fences? This open approach lends itself to bridging the gap between wildlife and human existence. This also means that intimate feeding tours and ‘meeting’ the elephants in their natural habitat can be facilitated through humane elephant parks – much to the delight of hundreds of adults and children each year! Here are some other fabulous facts about these majestic creatures:

The Knysna elephant is the southern most elephant in the world

  • The San people (original human inhabitants of the Southern Cape) depicted the Knysna elephant in their rock art
  • Long left to the realm of myth and legend, new camera trap photographs (taken in 2014) prove that elephants still roam around the Garden Route forests!
  • DNA analysis has revealed the existence of five previously unknown, female Knysna elephants!
  • The Knysna elephants are so good at navigating through the forest on pathways that foresters frequently plot roadways and tracks in the same way. One such example is Bloukrans Pass – which follows an original elephant track.
  • If you’re lucky enough to find a fresh heap of elephant dung while walking in the forests – it’s sold for R300 per heap to local community members who use it to make a soup – believed to have numerous health benefits.

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