Knysna Hill Climb Racing. Visit Knysna during this annual event!

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Knysna Hill climb race

Knysna hill climb racing has become one of the most popular of car shows in South Africa; The annual Jaguar Simola Hill Climb Speed Festival is a must-do for the whole family!

The Jaguar Simola hill climb racing event takes place over four days. Every year, there are various car shows and parades where one can get up close and personal with the drivers, see, touch and feel the actual vintage / classic cars and vehicles taking part in the race.

This year the event takes place from the 7th – 10th May 2020

The Jaguar Simola Hill Climb has been running every year since 2009 and offers a spectacular spectators event for all ages.

Come to Knysna in May for an adrenaline & fun filled four days and stay in one of our exclusive villas or holiday rentals for the duration of the festival for the ultimate week away for the family.

Key events during the Festival include:

Classic Car Display and Waterfront Drive Parade

Proud drivers of Classic Cars display their beautiful vehicles in all their glory for visitors to get close and personal with some of the most beautiful models of the past. The classic cars are on display usually between 09h00 – 14.45 and then the cars fo a slow parade along Waterfront Drive. A spectacle not to be missed!

Classic Car Friday

The following day competitive proceedings take place where all pre-war to 1985 historic, classic and vintage cars owners are able to apply for an entry in the Knynsa Hill climb competition. Evaluation by the committee of all applicants determines whether a car driver and/or machinery meet the set criteria.

King of the Hill competitor parade

King of the Hill competitors will parade the Waterfront drive and demonstrate their abilities en route to the N2 intersection. These vehicles and drivers will also be on display for the public to enjoy and interact with the drivers and see the vehicles up close.

The King of the Hill Shootout

The weekend event is the Knysna Hill Climb Racing that attracts thousands of spectators, food stalls, music, entertainment and no less than 84 competing vehicles. Applicants must demonstrate a strong motorsport history and their vehicles must have heritage and/or spectator value for the fans to witness some of the country’s “meanest, sleekest, prettiest and most spectacular cars taking to the track during the weekend”

The identified list of potential entries will then be invited to enter the Jaguar Simola Hillclimb.

The Knysna Classic Cars Motorshow is also held annually around April/May. For more information about this event read more here.

For more info on tickets, shuttle services, spectators information and the event schedule, please visit the Speed Festival Website

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