Knysna – 5 lesser known ‘hidden’ attractions!

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Sightseeing is a must in Knysna. If you’re willing to venture off the beaten track, then these 5 attractions are worth seeking out. The following places and activities are not as well known as some of their Knysna counterparts, but they are just as spectacular and memorable. If you’re looking for something unique to do in Knysna then read on!

5 ‘hidden’ attractions in Knysna to put on your sightseeing list

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Township Excursion
Take a trip around the local township just outside Knysna where love, laughter, strength and courage melt into one. Although a township may conjure up images of sprawling chaos and disadvantaged citizens, a closer look proves otherwise. This communal neighbourhood relies on friendship and goodwill. Visit local shops, hairdressers and artisans in this unique setting. If you’re a keen photographer, the surroundings are the perfect setting for some fabulous shots.
For more info: +27 (0) 44 382 1087 |

Secluded Picnic Cove
Coney Glen is a beautiful cove with a portion of pristine beach. To get to Coney Glen follow the steep road over Knysna’s Eastern Head. Although the journey is a little tricky, the trip is worth it. You’re welcomed by the sea and sand upon arrival. There are great rock pools to snorkel in and some lovely scenery. Again, don’t forget your camera! A grassed and shaded picnic site is also nearby. It’s quite secluded, so best to go in a group and make sure to notify someone that you are visiting the beach. Make note of the tide times too so that you’re aware of when the tide is coming in.

Big Tree (Tsitsikamma National Park)
Although this attraction is not directly in Knysna central, we had to include it on the list for it’s pure magnificence. If you’re after a window into the past, then the Tsitsikamma Big Tree is a natural attraction worth visiting. Follow the well sign-posted path just west of the Paul Sauer Bridge on the N2. The walk is made comfortable due to a well maintained boardwalk. A 1km round trip can be done in around 10min, but there are two more advanced trails available from the same spot. This tree is estimated to be between 600 and 800 years old and stands 36,6 m tall. If that wasn’t impressive enough, try walking the circumference of it’s trunk, a total of 9m!

Knysna Oysters
There’s nothing quite like a fresh oyster! Ever wondered how these delicious delicacies reach your plate? You don’t even have to wait for the Knysna Oyster Festival to find out. Although sadly the Knysna Oyster Factory which opened in 1949, is no longer in operation, the legacy of the Knysna oyster remains so you can still get delicious fresh oysters “nude” or wrapped in bacon, garnished with ginger or with a drop of tabasco and lemon juice at various restaurants. Try Tapas and Oysters on Thesen Island |  Tel: 044 382 7196

Seahorse Shore Dive
If you’re a first-time diver and want to experience the ocean, then this dive may be for you. A shore dive is available to explore the ‘garden’ under the surface of the sea. Knysna has a rich, diverse marine ecology. Knysna’s waters provide home to the endangered Knysna seahorse. This marine shore dive is especially focused around these small cryptic creatures.
For more info: 082 578 2758 |

Embrace the detours. – Kevin Charbonneau

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