Hobbies and rewards

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Everybody needs a hobby – sometimes several! For Richard, his currently “out of working hours” passion is his replica Willys Jeep.

Over the weekend Richard and the lovely Claire of ShowMe, Cape Town (Name drop!) took the Jeep for a test run – all the way to Buffalo Bay.
Here they were made aware of a small problem – the fuel gauge on the Jeep does not display the correct level – they had run out of petrol.

But never fear, Hadley is always near!
Well, poor Hadley was rather busy that day with guest check outs and guest check ins at Lindsay Castle and Blue Horizon but he is the man with a plan.

Displaying his usual smile and very positive attitude, he immediately went into rescue-mode, picking up fuel and arriving at Buffalo Bay, to find Richard & Claire sipping champagne and braaing just off the beach.
And his reward? A delicious pork roll [Hadley has never been known to refuse food!!].

It just goes to show that on the Garden Route, even if you are stuck, you are in luck!

Why don’t you share your unexpected adventures on the Garden Route with us?
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