Anoeschka sets record for Knysna for largest underwater sea horse sculpture

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Luxury rentals, pristine beaches and idyllic weather may not be the only things drawing the crowds to Knysna this season.

Meet Anoeschka, the largest underwater sculpture and Knysna’s newest resident!

The iconic Knysna Seahorse sculpture is the work of acclaimed artist Charles frank and his assistant Themba Charlie. Unbelievably it was modelled entirely underwater, with the artist commenting:

“I want people who care about the environment to come and celebrate Knysna’s unique and splendid ecology!”


Before she settles in her new home at the bottom of the Knysna ocean waters, Anoeschka will first undergo finishing touches in a casting factory – the end result will see her in transparent glass material with flowing multicolour rainbow colours inside.

Moving Anoeschka to her new home will be no mean feat. Her dimensions; 1,21 m x 1,63 m with a weight of 312 kg, make it a grand undertaking.

This is all worth it though, as she marks a prelude to the declaration of the Knysna Estuary as an official international ‘Hope Spot’.

The artist comments: “I want people who care about the environment to come and celebrate Knysna’s unique and splendid ecology!”

“…this massive project is part of an effort to create awareness of conservation issues and expressed his hope that this will just be the first of many water-based events in Knysna.”

SANParks had announced that Knysna was in the running to be counted among other places that are critical to the health of the ocean around the globe, and these places are declared Hope Spots.

The Knysna Estuary currently provides the home for the endemic and endangered Knysna Seahorse – so it is of special importance to highlight the environmental issues of this area.

Knysna has long been known world-wide as an ecological treasure – with a multitude of sea-life and fauna and flora. Each year thousands of nature-lovers flock to this hidden paradise to sample the unique ecology Knysna and Plettenberg Bay have to offer. You too can experience this majestic spot, and do so in the lap of luxury.

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