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I came across two interesting articles for the runners and hikers amongst you.

The first article comes from the Knysna Plett Herald and covers the hike being called “South Africa’s Camino” The Eden to Addo corridor hike. This “pilgrimage of bio diversity” is now in its seventh year and sounds like quite a challenge.



The second article, featured on The Gremlin, covers the PetroSA Marathon in Mossel Bay. This popular marathon, now in its 11th year has been confirmed for 28 September. For more details you can read the full article here:

PetroSA announces R495 000 sponsorship for PetroSA Marathon


In other news, the Knysna Plett Herald has some sound advice for new home buyers



Internationally, and one of my favourites for the week, a “new” Vincent van Gogh painting ,“Sunset at Montmajour”, has been revealed at the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Although it is not the first time this painting has “come to light”, modern technology and better historical insight has helped dispel doubts over the paintings authenticity.

Read the full The New York Times article here http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/10/arts/design/new-van-gogh-painting-discovered-in-amsterdam.html?_r=0

Photo credit: Herman Wouters – The New York Times