The wintery weekend that was

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The thermometer has been very busy over the weekend as it plummeted down from the summery 25+ degrees on Friday to a rather chilly 15 degrees by Saturday afternoon here on the Garden Route.

Of course, it hotted up nicely just around the time the Stormers won the rugby, YAY!

Rain has fallen gently across the Garden Route, refreshing the landscape. It may be gloomy but the rain is much needed.

I would suggest a walk in the Knysna Forest to get the best idea of how the rain washes everything clean and encourages the birds to sing, with the gurgling streams as accompaniment!

Hadley captured some lovely shots of the stream behind Lindsay Castle, Noetzie, now swollen with fresh rainwater.

And these Black Oyster Catchers, on Noetzie Beach, did not seem to mind a little rain one bit.

Black Oyster Catcher, Noetzie Beach

Black Oyster Catcher, Noetzie Beach

Stay warm!