South African Weather is best in Knysna and Plett

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When choosing a Summer holiday destination, weather plays one of the most important roles for maximizing chances of good weather during your stay. Knowing the weather patterns of your chosen holiday spot can go a long way in prepping for the holiday that awaits you.

South African weather at the coast – all you need to know:

For holidays at the coast, a moderate climate is ideal, as it rarely gets too hot or too cold. Knysna and Plettenberg Bay, both have very moderate climates. They are also located on the Indian Ocean, meaning the sea waters do not get as cold as they do in Cape Town, making swimming and water-sports much more enticing. They also don’t get the strong winds experienced in Cape Town in December and January. Knysna in particular, has the added delight of the safe and fairly sheltered lagoon, that keep the waves and currents gentle especially on Leisure Isle beach.

South African weather knysna

Remember the story of Goldilocks and the perfect temperature porridge? Not too hot or too cold, just right. A similar ‘golden zone’ is prominent in South Africa along the Plett and Knysna coastlines…

The good South African weather brings many tourists here every year but why are Knysna and Plett so especially advantaged?

– They are located on the renowned, lush Garden Route offering lots of sightseeing and famous attractions within easy reach

– The climate is one of the most temperate in the world with the most consistent weather patterns

– Warm Summers traditionally stretch from October through to March and Winters still see many warm sunny days; just the nights are cooler.

– Summer temperatures rise to 27°C (that’s 80,6°F); sometimes mid-thirties Celsius (mid-nineties Fahrenheit)

– Knysna stays green through all seasons, making it look beautiful all year round

– In Summer, Knysna and Plett experience gloriously long days with total sunshine hours averaging 9-10hrs per day

– In Winter, Knysna and Plett average total sunshine hours averaging 7-8hrs per day

South African weather in Knysna and Plett.

What you need to know about packing for South African weather:

-Always pack light sweaters and trousers for cooler dawns and evenings.

-The weather often changes 3 or 4 times in a day so always be prepared.

-It is advisable to keep some sun screen in your handbag or car at all times and if you leave home for a full day in shorts and summer dresses, throw in a cardigan, shawl or pair of jeans for late afternoons.

-The weather is rarely harsh or extreme and in Knysna and Plett, never icy. Midday temperatures remain in the mid twenties (Celsius), mid-eighties Fahrenheit on most days.

Rest assured that in general, the weather of Plett and Knysna is hospitable with generous amounts of sunshine, so waste no time in getting here and enjoying it with us.

Useful links for you:
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-In addition this tide table for Plettenberg Bay [valid until August 2015] may be useful.
-More detailed tidal info can be found at the South African Hydrographic Office Website.

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South African weather in Knysna and Plett.

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South African weather in Knysna and Plett. Accommodation in Plett and Knysna

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