Jubilee Creek Waterfall

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2014-03-09 15.35.02

The Garden Route National Park is a wonderful place to come and enjoy the Knysna forest.

On Sunday afternoon I was lucky enough to walk the 3,6km return route to the Jubilee Creek waterfall.

The weather was lovely for walking but too cool and drizzly for a swim at the waterfall itself. Forest streams are not known for being mild in temperature.

The walk starts and ends at the Jubilee Creek picnic area and is moderate. You do cross the river 3 times and our walk was a bit more tricky due to mud. Hiking shoes were soon exchanged for bare feet.

Along the way you will see a variety of forest trees, tree ferns, shrubs and interesting fungi.

The Knysna Touraco, a group of Vervet Monkeys and a few frogs were the wildlife of the day.

Also seen from the path/ route are old mine shafts from the gold mining days as well as a gold panning sluice. These are not open to the public. Mines tours are possible at the Millwood section of the park (10 minutes or so from Jubilee Creek, within the same area of the park) as there certain mines have been safely restored.

Once you reach the waterfall, which is in fact a short series of waterfalls, you can also enjoy a cool dip, as mentioned this is best in hot weather.

The route is return (not circular) but you are sure to spot things on the way down that you did not see on the way up.

With all our chatting and picture taking, the walk took around 2.5 hours at a very leisurely pace.

You can either do the walk alone or take a guided tour by prior arrangement