Internet, Broadband and Wifi

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You could also through ADSL, DSL and few other terms into the title but they cover the same basic service – our connection to the world via technology.

We have covered related subjects before but as changes happen daily the topic never really runs dry.

Visitors to South Africa that are used to a more advanced broadband (in terms of speed and availability) may see less of a difference in future as we now have a Communications minister that uses the word “planning” and talks about needing to make policies flexible for future changes as they will happen. As obvious as that may seem, it is a big step here!

But what can you expect from local South African internet access?

Knysna and Plettenberg Bay are not considered major enough centres (like our main cities e.g. Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town) to be blessed with Telkom’s 10mbps line speeds but we are not that far behind and at least ADSL is actually available in the area. We also have good 3G coverage in most central areas (read town).

For those of you staying in one of our (Dav1es Exclusive Holiday Rentals) beautiful homes, please check with us before hand with regard to what is available. Many of our houses/villas have a fixed line internet connection although not generally with unlimited access. Others do not have a fixed line but have brilliant 3G signal.

You can also make use of useful websites like AlwaysOn to track down wifi in your area. Many businesses are now offering free wifi with controlled access which is a comfort for security conscious users.

Interesting reading from abroad on the BBC News website in the article titled “Why is broadband more expensive in the US?” shows that progress is a world wide need.

Happy “surfing”!