Holiday travel info – 5 things to consider

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Researching holiday travel info can be daunting for vacationers. Planning your dream getaway can be stressful and exhausting. We’re here to help you with this task! Here are 5 things to consider before packing.

Good holiday travel info is priceless!

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Holiday travel info – 5 questions to ask:

1. How will I do my banking?
Find out the current foreign exchange rate. How easy will it be to make transactions? Is banking convenient?
Let’s use South Africa as an example. South Africa has a favorable exchange rate for many international visitors. Most towns (especially in the shopping malls) have automatic tellers (ATM’s) and a Bureaux de change. Most banks like you to advise them before you go abroad so that their fraud department is not alerted for irregular activity.

2. Can I make phone calls?
Investigate the time zone differences and calling codes of your chosen destination. Are public phones available? In South Africa, mobile phones can be rented from the airport on arrival and local SIM cards can be easily purchased. South Africa has public phones at most venues. Card-phones are green and coin-operated phones are blue.

3. Are there any health requirements?
Does your holiday destination have drinkable water? Will your medicine prescription be filled at a pharmacy? South Africa has perfect drinking (faucet) water in urban towns. Hospitals and medical centers in large cities and most towns are world-class. If you require schedule 3 medication, take your original prescription to the pharmacy. Ask your doctor for a script before you leave.

4. What about essential items?
What is the climate of the country? What activities will you be enjoying?
Sunscreen is almost always a good idea. South Africa has a moderate climate along the garden route. Pack light summer clothes, a jacket, good shoes, and a rain jacket. Don’t forget your bathing suit! Pack warm clothes and a fleece jacket if you’re headed to South Africa in the Winter.

5. What about the fun factor?
Is smoking allowed? What is the legal drinking age? When is ‘peak season’?
The answers to these questions may affect the way you entertain and relax on your vacation. It’s a good idea to find out this type of holiday travel information before departing on your trip. South Africa has a legal drinking age of 18 years old. Most indoor venues have designated smoking sections. Smoking in public is permitted. Peak season is from October to February.

The Garden Route in South Africa has a moderate climate. Pack light clothes and a jacket too.

holiday travel info foreign exchange rates climate essential clothes south africa garden route accommodation

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