Garden Route: Noetzie Castles; 5 interesting facts

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The Garden Route offers stunning holiday destinations. Noetzie has actual castles built right on the rocks. These castles have breathtaking views and beautiful surroundings. Glorious ocean views await those looking for something different. Ten minutes East of Knysna these famous castles await your arrival.

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The castles of Noetzie are beautifully charming and full of character.

Noetzie started out as a holiday retreat a long time ago. Families in Oudtshoorn and Knysna would pack up their horse-drawn carts and make their way through indigenous flora to the beach. Soon afterwards the first beach property was built. Turrets were added to the property not long after it was completed. With that, the first Noetzie Castle was created.

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Situated as close to the beach as can be, these majestic castles offer amazing views.

5 fascinating facts about Noetzie & the castles:

1. Noetzie was originally known as Noetziekamma. This is a Khoisan phrase for ‘dark water’. The name may have arisen due to the reddish-brown coloration of the water. This is caused by Humic acid. Humic acid is a natural by-product of the process of leaf decay in fresh water. This is not the only reference to dark water along the Garden Route. The body of water near Sedgefield is known as the ‘Swartvlei’. This translates from Afrikaans to ‘black lake’.

2.  Colonel Robert Jacob Gordon was the captain of the Dutch East India Company. He made mention of Noetzie as early as 1786.

3. Noetzie was studied during Archeological excavations. It was found that Noetzie has been a popular destination along the Garden Route for the last 3,500 years!

4. The oldest Noetzie castle was built by Herbert Stephen Henderson in 1930 using local natural stone. In the 1960’s the Lindsays built Perekuil (Lindsay Castle). The following decade Herbert Stephen Henderson’s son Ian built Montrose.

5. Many of the Noetzie castles are still owned by the original families. Five out of the six castles are available for vacation rental. Getaway magazine named Noetzie Beach one of the Top 5 secret beaches. We also found this handy tool to help you determine the Noetzie weather so that you can plan your perfect weekend away.

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