Garden Route: boutiques & luxury jewellery

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The Garden Route is a metaphorical jewel in the crown. So it’s fitting that it can also be the place to find exquisite, rare pieces of jewellery for the true connoisseur. Personally, a holiday wouldn’t quite be a holiday without a few ‘precious finds’ to take home. In addition, any significant partner should be on the lookout for exquisite locally crafted jewellery for his beloved, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s take a peek and see what the garden route has to offer…

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Ocean hues and pleasing contours, as if crafted by the sea herself.

Shopping in Plett and Knysna along the garden route

Plettenberg Bay and Knysna both offer a multitude of shopping opportunities. The Knysna Quays Waterfront mall offers an extensive selection of clothing boutiques and jewellery stores (some of which we’ve listed further below for you).

Plettenberg Bay also has a variety of boutiques within the town of Plett that cater for the seasoned fashionista looking for high end pieces. The Market Square in Plett is an extensive (yet quaint) shopping mall with a wide variety of stores in the fashion, jewellery, home decor and sports gear categories.

‘The garden route offers a particular high standard of local fashion and jewellery.’

garden route fashion shopping boutique jewellery diamonds tanzanite pearls gemstones knysna plett noetzie

A selection of garden route jewellers and clothing boutiques

We’ve highlighted various select jewellery artisans in the garden route area. Here are a few local picks from the Knysna Quays and The Market Square (Plett):

The Crystal Cave
Unique pieces of jewellery created in Knysna using natural materials. These eye catching gifts of nature include iridescent fresh water pearls, semi-precious stones set in sterling silver and genuine Baltic Amber jewellery. Fine minerals and quartz crystal formations from Southern Africa are also available. For more information contact +27(0)72 612 3955

Knysna Diamond Corporation
Purveyors of fine diamonds, and ‘THE jewellers in the garden route Garden Route for over 60 years.’ Specialisation in Diamonds, Tanzanite items and loose stones which are sourced directly from the KDC Hope Town mine and East Africa, respectively. Each stone is cut and polished to perfection and is presented as a loose stone or mounted in fine designer jewellery. For more information contact +27(0) 382 5003

Stephen Colegate Jewellery
The brilliant team of Stephen and Lauren Colegate are the artisans of beautiful silver jewellery and handcrafted silver and gold pieces. Their items incorporate gems, fossils and pearls. Lookout for their wide range of silver handcrafted seahorses! (The Knysna Seahorse is a celebrated, yet sadly endangered species). Their classic pearl and bead strings are also exquisite.
For more information contact +27 44 382 7249

Tandia Jewellers
For the investor this establishment offer some of Africa’s rarest gemstones. All gems have been hand selected and set into individual designer settings. Manufacture happens on the premises and all items purchased instore are authenticated and guaranteed to be of the highest quality. For more information contact +27(0)44 382 0695

Roger’s Jewellery Studio
Presently located at the Market Square in Plettenberg Bay, Roger Harris is a master goldsmith. He has manufactured various pieces of jewellery for famous movie stars and celebrities since 1972 and continues to work his magic worldwide as well as in South Africa. His mediums of choice include gold, silver and pearls. He is also able to do commissions and bespoke pieces. For more information contact  +27 44533 4865 +27 82 575 3198 | +27 82 576 6217

For fashion boutiques from the Knysna Quays and The Market Square (Plett), try the following:

Harbour Bay
Gorgeous prints and comfy holiday wear can be found at Harbour Bay Clothing. Embroidered cotton tops, summer dresses and designer swimwear are the speciality of this store. Make sure to go shopping early in the day, as you’ll want to spend quite a while trying on almost everything! Branches can be located in Plettenberg Bay and Knysna too. For more information contact +27 44 533 2306 | +27 44 533 2306

Out Of The Blue Knysna
This is a great boutique if you need to shop for a Knysna climate wardrobe. Pop past if you’re in need of an ultra chic and simple sundowner jersey or a pair of comfortable leggings. Out Of The Blue is known for its stunning pastel colours and softer-than-soft fabrics (especially linens and cottons). Ocean colours abound and interesting combinations (denim and lace) make for an exciting shopping experience. Friendly staff are ready to help you with all their expert knowledge. For more information contact +27 447-3002

Rental property ‘jewels’ along the Garden Route…

If you’re looking for true treasure along the garden route, look no further than Knysna, Plett and Noetzie properties. Have a look at these fabulous self-catering villas for the ultimate luxury getaway along the garden route…

garden route luxury accommodation seaside villas in Knysna Luxury accommodation in Noetzie and Plett
Where can I find out more about the above 3 luxury rentals? For more information have a look at Home By The Sea, Blue Horizon and Craighross Castle. There is also a wide selection of rental properties along the garden route have a look at the exclusive Dav1es properties, here.