Domestic bliss

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While many visitors to South Africa except the big five to be roaming free and perhaps greet them as they land on a dusty airstrip carved between acacia trees.

But we are boringly modern and our airports not only have tarmac but also air conditioning and car hire.

The first animal you are most likely to see is a cow followed by a street dog! The Big Five are safely in parks and reserves.

While we have many domestic animals living a close to blissful existence in South Africa, many suffer due to poverty or lack of (animal) family planning.

Hadley recently was thanked by the Knysna Animal Welfare for his donation of hessian curtains.

A charity funded organisation such as the SPCA needs all the help it can possibly get from simple curtains to help conserve heat to feed and of course cash for unexpected emergencies. They not only rescue animals but also provide sponsored veterinary care to the less fortunate.

You can either donate like Hadley or you can support the Animal Welfare charity store in Knysna on Market Street. Most importantly, the next time you would like to add a new pet to your family, consider adopting from the SPCA.

Not only will you give an animal that would otherwise be destroyed a home but it will even save you on sterilisation costs as this is included in the reasonable adoption fee.

Here are some of the much loved pets that share our homes:

Please don’t take Honey and Bella’s long faces too seriously, they need only bray twice to get Richard running over with a tasty carrot!