Autumn on the tip of Africa

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Noetzie Views

Noetzie Tuesday morning

I had the pleasure of spending the morning reviewing our properties in Noetzie yesterday.


(They are Craighross Castle, Noetzie Bay House and Lindsay Castle just in case you are wondering)

What a place! The morning started in true Autumn fashion, a little colder with low clouds, but it quickly became a beautiful day.

The Orangebreasted Sunbird (Anthobaphes violacea) males were putting on quite a show in the fynbos and I noticed some Haemanthus Albiflos (Paintbrush Lily) flowering along the stream near Lindsay Castle. The fauna and flora in the Noetzie Conservancy area truly is rich and diverse. I must admit it was not easy keeping my mind on work. How can you not relax with a view like this?

Well, while I daydream about my next visit, why don’t you plan yours!

P.S Don’t forget that it is time to celebrate birds of a slightly brighter feather from the 1st of May with the Pink Loerie Mardi Gras! Have a look on the showme Knysna website for all the details.