General: Holiday items: the essential packing list

Going on holiday can be a little stressful (before all the relaxation starts). Choosing what to pack (and remembering to pack all the right things) can be quite a headache. To make things a bit easier, we’ve compiled an easy checklist of essential holiday items that you may want to run your eyes over before heading out the door…

These essential holiday items should be on your list

20 holiday items that you should take with you

Holiday items: Accessories
1. Sunglasses
2. Beach wallet (waterproof)
3. Contact lenses (or reading glasses)
4. Large all purpose canvas beach bag
5. Very comfy slip-on shoes

Holiday items: Equipment

1. All chargers needed for your camera, phone, laptop etc.
2. Chargeable batteries or small batteries for your tech items
3. Alarm clock
4. Back up pair of earphones (we all tend to lose our own pair, right?)
5. Small hairdryer

Holiday items: Health and Beauty

1. Sunscreen (at least one of which should be all-purpose SPF 15)
2. Anti-bacterial wipes
3. Insect repellent (nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep)
4. Toothbrush and toothpaste
5. Prescriptions/medication that you need

Holiday items: Miscellaneous

1. Travel blanket and pillow
2. ATM card, traveler’s checks, cash
3. Printouts of reservations
4. Healthy snacks (dried fruit, nuts)
5. Addresses of important locations (holiday home, hotel etc).

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Taking the right holiday items can greatly improve your vacation

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